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Joan Mattox

College and Beyond Program Director

Running a staffing business takes determination, stamina, dedication and grit. The daily cycle is forever changing, new things are added to the equation, things that have been a constant for the past ten years have to be done away with because the method is somehow no longer effective. Though I did not graduate with a traditional business degree, studying English at the University of Wisconsin Parkside gave me the foundation to appreciate and understand structure, rules, and order. I found it very easy to parlay that education into a career of agency recruiting and staffing which ultimately took me to a path of ownership with Ready Made Staffing, Inc.

The things that shape you have always been an interesting topic to me. I raised a beautiful, successful daughter but I know that my husband and I did not do it alone. Many people have “imprinted” my daughter along life’s path which ultimately shaped and affected the way she is today. Because of that, I know how important it is for me to do the same for other girls who cross my path in life.

The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” is real.

I chose to find an organization that will allow me to positively imprint girls so that I can have a direct impact on how she will be shaped. My positive imprint will be with structure, guidance, and care and it will be deliberate in nature. LOV, Ladies of Virtue, is that organization. Founded on principles of faith and leadership, it is a perfect mix of personal beliefs along with a systematic methodology to carry out its mission. Jamila Trimuel, the founder of LOV, has allowed me to be a part of that mission and I could not be any prouder.