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Kenya Mercer

Program Manager


My passion resides in creating programs, curriculum and relationships in the fields of dramatic arts,  dance/movement and mentorship. I believe in creativity and exploration and daily enrichment of youth. I have a strong ability to spot students (of all ages) with talent and help them reach their full potential. I value the importance of self-worth and building new relationships.


I have years of working with underserved youth and maintain relationships over time through team building,  creative arts and social engagement. Finding the commonalities in not so common backgrounds is key. Understanding and encouraging a young person’s purpose then develops trust and in return establishes a relationship that lasts. When goals are set the follow-through can be tracked. I truly believe in meeting young girls where they are but exposing them to possibilities beyond their dreams. Along with performing and teaching


I have over 10 years experience in program event management and administration. I currently live on the south side of Chicago with my husband and two children.

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