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Fundraising Coordinator


Shanee’ Adetunji is an innovative and mission-driven professional with 6+ years of nonprofit fundraising experience. Shanee’ also brings experience in project management, operations, event planning, and communications


As the Operations and Development Coordinator at Surge Institute, she supports the organization through her efforts in grant research, grant writing, donor research, and donor cultivation. Shanee’ is not afraid to get her hands dirty and loves connecting with the community; she sees herself as a community liaison and is able to converse with everyone on every level.


As a thinker, she solves problems logistically and provides a plan to get things done. In her current role, she took the initiative on a project, subscribed to the software/platform needed, and secured funding for the organization. Shanee’ has a background in banking and attributes her fundraising and grant writing success to her sales skills. Shanee' began working full-time with Ladies of Virtue in October 2022.  

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