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Meet Madison

From Eaglewood

This Black Girl Social - Madison.jpg

"Ladies of Virtue has impacted my life because I was given a group of women and girls that look like me, to look up to and lean on. No matter what I'm going through academically, personally, or emotionally, everywhere I turn there is love and guidance.”


“One of my greatest accomplishments that I can thank LOV for is not only meeting Former First Lady Michelle Obama, but her writing about me in her new book, The Light We Carry.  If it was not for LOV inspiring me to always serve my community joyfully and encouraging me to stand out in every room, that would not have happened.”

Madison attends Texas Southern University in Houston, majoring in Psychology


Madison served as a summer intern for our LOV Club programs.


Madison hopes to become a child and adolescent psychologist and one day own her own practice.  She also wants to open an outreach center for kids and offer pro bono therapy services. 

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