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Interns 2022

What is a Lady of Virtue?

Virtue by definition means moral excellence.
We desire for our LOV Sisters to embody a strong character.
We believe that character is fundamental to effective leadership.

“A lady of virtue is not a perfect woman but she strives to be the best that she can be in every aspect of her life.  She knows that all things are possible through faith, perseverance, hard work and the willingness to succeed.”

– Founder, Jamila Trimuel

Ladies of Virtue Law


I am a lady of virtue; a young woman of worth and beauty. My beauty comes from my character.


I am trustworthy, hard-working, and multi-talented. Dignity is my name.


​I think before I speak and show kindness to all.


​True success comes from my passion and leads me to a purpose driven life. My faith guides me.


​Time and money are used wisely.


​I cherish my body.  I respect myself and others.

​I serve my community joyfully.

​I am a lady of virtue. LOV for Life!


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