Leading with Virtue Cocktail Reception

Village Leaders

It takes a village!  The following people raised $500 or more for our 2019 Leading with Virtue Cocktail Reception, our annual fundraiser. Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate you! 

Ashley Jones

Averil Edwards

Candace Jackson-Akimumi

Cathy Williams

Charmaine Rickette

Damien Trimuel

Elayne Granger

Elsie Cardell

Fran Bell

Frenchye Harris

Imani Lewis

Karla Davis

Leah Hobson

Lena Lewis

Linda Mitchell

Miriam Smith

Nikki Hayes

Pamela Blackman

Precious Jacobs

Risa Davis

Robin Beaman

Romina Brown

Sharon Gates

Sheilina Henry

Tamara Matlock

Thee Love

Toi Salter

Veronica Obianwa

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