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This Black Girl


The “This Black Girl” Campaign captures the essence that Black girls everywhere have dreams—and those dreams are being realized every day thanks to the commitment Ladies of Virtue makes to mentoring young Black women and investing in their future. 

The goal of the campaign is to amplify the success of amazing LOV alumni who have excelled despite the barriers against them in and outside of school. For “This Black Girl,” we’ll be shining the spotlight on our cherished LOV alumni, telling their stories, highlighting the communities they’re from, and celebrating who they’ve become…amplifying their success in overcoming challenging circumstances to become—as Gen Zers say today—“THAT GIRL.”

Research shows that Black girls are five times more likely than white girls to be suspended at school. That they are less protected, and cases of them missing are often disproportionately ignored in comparison to white women. Research also shows that Black girls are viewed as needing less support, comfort, and nurturing—yet despite this, they are more confident than their peers and more likely to believe they are smart enough for their dreams to come true.


Kayla Bio.jpg

Meet Kayla

As a first generation college student, I was so lost and confused about how to continue my education after high school. The mentors at Ladies of Virtue helped me with my college applications, scholarships, and my personal statements. With their support I was able to attend Benedictine University.  I even won a $1000 scholarship because of my leadership project with Ladies of Virtue, which focused on Domestic Violence.  

Layla Bio.jpg

Meet Layla

The guidance from LOV mentors as a junior and senior related to college and scholarship applications is something I will always praise the program for. I don’t think I would have been able to navigate the process as well without the help I got from Ms. Francine and especially Ms. Thee. The time spent with them working on interview skills and essays helped me thrive in the competitive atmosphere.

Madison Bio.jpg

Meet Madison

Ladies of Virtue has impacted my life because I was given a group of women and girls that look like me, to look up to and lean on. No matter what I'm going through academically, personally, or emotionally, everywhere I turn there is love and guidance.

This Black Girl Posters_Cheyenne.jpg

Meet Cheyenne

“I am so proud to see where LOV is. When I joined, there were 40 girls in the Saturday institute, and now we have served 1,000. I’m proud to see LOV has grown into the best mentoring program where our girls go on college tours, develop leadership skills and become change agents in our community.” 


“LOV has helped me accomplish my lifelong dream of graduating from college and becoming a confident professional woman who can shine bright in any room.” 

Treazure Bio.jpg

Meet Treazure

I learned all the skills that I needed such as public speaking, dining etiquette and just how to be a woman in general. Ladies of Virtue has shown me a different side of the world that I would have not seen if I did not join.

Dequana Bio.jpg

Meet Dequana

LOV has impacted my career tremendously with my career advancement and navigating womanhood. I have been able to strengthen my skills and knowledge in healthcare. As well, I've learned negotiating strategies for a higher salary and different avenues to enhance my skill set.

Sabrina Bio.jpg

Meet Sabrina

I did not have a role model before joining Ladies of Virtue. When I became involved with this organization I began to discover myself and my passion for writing and helping others who need the support and encouragement to tell their story. There is not just one story but there are so many stories that need to be told. I would have never discovered this if I had not joined Ladies of Virtue and received the mentorship they provide to girls of color.

Kourtney Bio.jpg

Meet Kourtney

LOV was different from any other programs that I’ve been in before. I knew that I would develop and grow, and meet other girls in it, and my confidence increased, I had a new group of sisters around me, and I got connected with my mentor. From the day that we were connected she set me up with so many opportunities and her mission was to set me up for success. Whether it was helping with my grades, telling me what to do, giving me advice, all that has really connected me and I’m so grateful to be experiencing our mentor/mentee relationship and all of the things we have done together

Alaysya Bio.jpg

Meet Alaysya

I have learned a lot about myself
during this time and LOV really helps you tackle what you are passionate about. It feels great to feel the love from this sisterhood. LOV also does a lot of things. Last summer I got my first law internship and LOV took the time out to hand pick office clothes for my internship

Mikayah Bio.jpg

Meet Mikayah

Ladies of Virtue has taught me to view myself as a young woman who is beautiful, intelligent, outgoing, virtuous, kind, sensitive, and strong, all at the same time.

Daphanie Bio.jpg

Meet Daphanie

LOV has made a huge impact on everything I’ve accomplished so far. Seeing Black Women (who looked like me) hold such prestigious titles encourage and pour into me has really been my driving force even currently.

Danaya Bio.jpg

Meet Danaya

Ladies of Virtue has been an outstanding program that I’ve been a part of since 5th grade. I never wanted to leave because it's such a great program. I’ve gotten a chance to meet new people from different schools and different cultures. I’ve done activities that I thought I would have never tried. It’s a really fun program to be in.

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