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Lov Day Events

LOV DAY Overview


In celebration of Black History Month, Ladies of Virtue will host our annual LOV DAY on

Saturday, February 11, 2023

11am to 1pm - Pack LOV Boxes

1pm to 3pm - Distribute LOV Boxes


On this day, we will pack and distribute 400 LOV Boxes to  Black young women and girls in Chicago.

Watch LOV DAY 2022 Feature on FOX News

Each box included:

  • “You are Beautiful” - Teddy Bear

  • Chocolates/Candy

  • Painting kits

  • Hair care products

  • Black history facts/info and more!

Join Us For

Black Girl Rest - The Ultimate Self-care Experience!

All throughout Black history, slavery and during the great migration, Black people were constantly on the move and still to this day heavily dipped in GRIND culture. We need to STOP and REST." - Ladies of Virtue sis, Mikayah, age 18 #BlackGirlRest

Black Girl Rest Promo.jpg

Why do we host LOV DAY?

Many Black girls feel that their concerns go mostly unaddressed and overlooked. Research confirms what our girls have been telling us all along. Due to stereotypes, a 2017 Georgetown Law Study showed that adults believe black girls ages 5-19 need less nurturing, protection, support and comfort than their peers of the same age. We know that this perception is not reality.

We want Black girls and young women to know that they are seen, heard and loved. 

What started off as one day of celebration in 2021 has now expanded to the entire month of February!  

On February 11, 2023 from 11am to 1pm, we will kick off our LOV DAY by packing 400 LOV boxes then from 1pm to 3pm we will distribute them the boxes in the Southshore neighborhood.  Throughout the month, remaining LOV Boxes will be distributed to girls in the Chicagoland area primarily those living in neighborhoods such as Bronzeville, Englewood, North Lawndale, Near West and Austin neighborhoods.

2023 LOV DAY featured on FOX Chicago

Lov Day 2022.jpg
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