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Tot Jones

Social Media Manager

Tot Bio.jpg

As a Creative Life Stylist, Tatiana “Tot” Jones loves helping people by creating innovative solutions for everyday women.  Tot has channeled her genuine love for people into a lifestyle of helping others help themselves. Tot brings her joy and wisdom into any situation she encounters. Tatiana serves as LOV's Social Media Manager. As the social media manager for Ladies of Virtue, Tot plays a vital role in shaping the organization's online presence and engagement.


Her responsibilities include creating, curating, and scheduling content across various social media platforms to maintain a consistent brand voice and foster a positive community. She monitors and analyzes performance metrics to optimize strategies and engage with followers by responding to comments and messages.


Additionally, she collaborates with team members to execute campaigns and initiatives, aiming to amplify the organization's mission and values. Her goal is to enhance Ladies of Virtue's visibility and impact online, building meaningful connections with our audience.

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