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Meet Daphanie

From Auburn Gresham

This Black Girl Social - Daphnie.jpg

"LOV has made a huge impact on everything I’ve accomplished so far. Seeing Black Women (who looked like me) hold such prestigious titles encourage and pour into me has really been my driving force even currently."

Daphanie was born and raised in Auburn Gresham. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education degree at the University of Missouri- Columbia in May 2017 as well as a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership in December 2019. Currently, Daphanie is a Diverse Learning Specialist for Chicago Public Schools and is a Mentor Trainer for Ladies of Virtue. She aspires to become a School Principal and Business Owner. In her free time, Daphanie loves to entertain her 7-year old daughter, advocate for families of color and adolescents who are members of the LGBTQ+ community

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