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Ashley Jones

Director of Operations

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Who is Ashley Lauren Jones? That journey of discovery remains an open book of blank pages.

Ashley’s book starts Jan 15, 1982 in ElPaso, Texas as she is just seeing the world for the very first time. Only spending a short stent of two year in El Paso, her family relocates to the suburbs of Chicago where her next chapter begins. During this chapter she realizes through school and extracurricular activities she has found her niche and enamored with competing in sports, specifically tennis, swimming and basketball to name a few, while maintaining high honors in academics throughout her school years.


Embarking on her next chapter in life she successfully matriculated at Tuskegee University on a tennis scholarship to attain a B.S in Electrical Engineering and Physics in addition to a M.S. in Electrical Engineering while competing to win 4 tennis conference championships as a player and coach. BLACK GIRLS DEFINITELY DO ROCK! Upon graduating in 2008 she started her next chapter as an Engineer with Lucent Technologies and continued her career path in the realms of management and leadership with many recognitions and accomplishments along the way.


As she stands in her current chapter of life she is the creator/owner of Lauren Ashley Home, an interior design business, serving as Director of Operation with LOV, and an IT Leader at a healthcare company in which she retired as of 4/1/2024. As she embarks on this next chapter of life she expects it to be fulfilled with her current joys of competing in sports, working with LOV, mentoring, traveling extensively and maintaining her lifestyle by living medicine free for years to come with Multiple Sclerosis.

Her journey of discovery is unending and she looks forward to the pages soon to be written...

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