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Ashley Jones

Director of Operations

Motivation, compassion, responsibility and a quest for excellence are a few of the qualities that facilitate my commitment to lifelong service.  My vision, namely, “To support, expose and push the next generation to realize the greatness it possesses” has been actualized in my five years of service with the Ladies of Virtue, serving as the Director of Special Events.  My mission conveys the importance of being a positive role model, a productive citizen of service and a vessel of hope and encouragement for our young ladies, their families and communities. Referencing my own personal struggles and experiences, I strive to show my mentees that with commitment, hard work and belief in oneself, amazing things are possible. By acknowledging that everyday life brings lessons and consequences, I encourage our young ladies to reflect, review and revise short or long term goals as they grow to become respected and productive young women. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire them to reach higher, work harder, support each other, give back to their families and communities to become the very best person they can be. Additionally, by exposing our young women to opportunities that they may not otherwise experience, their worlds of possibilities are greatly enhanced, impacting both their personal and career goals. My involvement with the LOV organization has solidified my commitment to a life of service to our youth and community.


Personally, I attended Tuskegee University, a HBCU, where I completed my undergraduate and graduate programs of study. I was awarded a B.S degree in Electrical Engineering, a B.S degree in Physics and an M.S degree in Electrical Engineering. During my tenure at Tuskegee, I played, organized and was Assistant Coach for the men’s and women’s tennis team.

I am an avid “sportster”, competing in a variety of sports (tennis, volleyball, football, and basketball). I tend to push myself beyond limits, which grows my physical and mental focus and encourages me to keep my expectations high! This is message I hope to convey to my mentees through example. I currently hold the position of Senior Technical Project/Program Manager at a major telecom company. The aforementioned accomplishments allow me to provide feedback and guidance to my mentees that will, hopefully, help them positively direct their futures.

I graciously accepted the Mentor of the Year Award in 2014 based upon nominations from my mentees and the LOV family. Throughout my years of participation with the LOV organization, it was important to me to connect in some way with each young woman, to support the organization by accepting any request for support, to actively listen without judgement and to advise and aid in the molding of LOV futures to come.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed”.  Maya Angelo


LOV Service History

2012-Present: Mentoring four GEMS (4th to 8th Grades)

2013-Present: Organization Advisory Member

2013-Present: Director of Special Events

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