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Meet Sabrina

From Chatham

This Black Girl Social  - Sabrina.jpg

“I did not have a role model before joining Ladies of Virtue. When I became involved with this organization I began to discover myself and my passion for writing and helping others who need the support and encouragement to tell their story. There is not just one story but there are so many stories that need to be told. I would have never discovered this if I had not joined Ladies of Virtue and received the mentorship they provide to girls of color.”

Sabrina currently attends Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism to one day become a Storyteller. Sabrina credits her involvement with Ladies of Virtue as the reason she was able to discover and cultivate her passion for writing.  


Sabrina recently received a paid journalism internship at Deloitte. As an intern she will be working on the Creative Design team for 8 weeks over the summer.  

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