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Meet Danaya

From Washington Park

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"Ladies of Virtue has been an outstanding program that I’ve been a part of since 5th grade. I never wanted to leave because it's such a great program. I’ve gotten a chance to meet new people from different schools and different cultures. I’ve done activities that I thought I would have never tried. It’s a really fun program to be in. 


One of my favorite activities would be our leadership projects. My leadership project was on generational trauma. I feel older generations punished their kids harshly for things they should not be doing. They are doing it because they are curious. With my generation, we do not want to punish our kids because we should be able to talk to our parents without being criticized. We shouldn’t be in a situation where we can’t talk to our parents. 


LOV is an open safe space for everyone. I really like the sisterhood. LOV has also helped develop my passion by incorporating activities in the program that fit our interest. 


LOV has put me in a lot of leadership roles which developed my passion for education and being around kids. 


Mentorship is so important because it provides a safe space.  Sometimes people need help even when they don’t realize it.  Everyone needs a person to help them feel supported."

Danaya is a senior at Kenwood Academy. Danaya has dreams of becoming a sports manager or teacher. She has been accepted to 13 schools and plans to major in elementary education and minor in sports management.

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