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2021 Impact

We are proud to present Ladies of Virtue’s 2021 impact!

Ladies of Virtue empowers black girls to become confident and purpose-driven leaders through character development, career readiness and civic engagement.

We served 245 girls through our Saturday Institute, in-school, after school, summer camps and alumni program.

Many of our LOV team members are from the communities that we serve. We knew we had to be a solution during this pandemic. As such, we served 1,580 Chicago residents through our Covid19 relief efforts (school supply, laptops, desks/chairs, PPE, and food distribution).

We appreciate our LOV team who worked hard to ensure we offered engaging programming virtually and in-person especially over the past 20 months.

Thank you to all of our supporters for being with us every step of the way!

Continue to invest in Ladies of Virtue so that we can provide more mentoring and leadership opportunities to girls in 2022.

Visit our website at to learn how to get involved or to donate!



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