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Power to the Professional Bootcamp

Power to the Professional Luncheon 2017
Power to the Professional Luncheon 2017

“There are so many unwritten rules in the workplace. How are we supposed to know if people don’t tell us?” - LOV Participant, age 17

Power to the Professional prepares 350 participants annually to become successful professionals with mentoring and LOV’s nine-month evidence-based career and civic engagement curriculum. It includes modules on career and college exploration, STEM skills and exposure, public speaking and interviewing skills, project management, civic engagement, financial literacy, dress for success, and resume development. High school age participants engage in summer employment.

Participants engage with mentors, participate in training and workshops, and build community relationships, skills, knowledge, work ethic, and confidence through innovative, hands-on 2-4-month small group leadership projects. They select a topic they are passionate about – for example, health care, nutrition, Know Your Rights, mental health, or human trafficking – and LOV facilitators identify a community partner as content advisor. Participants hone job readiness, collaboration, project management, research, and communication skills. Once well versed in their topic, participants educate their peers through a project presented in their school or community. They then present to community leaders and business executives with companies such as longtime partners AT&T, Rush University, or Northwestern Medicine.

Girl Power Luncheon 2018
Girl Power Luncheon 2018

We are excited to present our first Power to the Professional Bootcamp, where girls and young women (ages 14 - 24) receive a stipend for learning career readiness skills. Day one of the program is focused on resume building and reviews from mentors. Having a standout resume is the determining factor for making it to the interview process. Our team of hand selected mentors help the young ladies accurately depict themselves and their experiences on paper. They also perform mock interviews so they can speak to their backgrounds and objectives confidently.

The second day is all about making an impression. From attire to work ethic, properly packing oneself is a vital part of professionalism. First impressions matter, so we bring in wardrobe professionals to educate the young ladies on business style for all body types. A well prepared look creates confidence. Additionally, it simultaneously shows and commands respect. Once the job is landed, it is imperative to maintain a virtuous reputation. We teach our LOV sisters the vitality of a healthy work ethic. Showing up everyday and giving 100 percent is the difference between promotion and stagnation.

Day three the ladies actually participate in a career exploration and learn how to have a powerful first impression that will last. Day four is a Ladies of Virtue hosted networking event. And finally the fifth day puts emphasis on polishing via a makeup training workshop followed by a field trip.

“We started our Power to the Professional (P2P) career readiness program 11 years ago to provide our young women with a safe space to learn about professionalism in the workplace. Now we are offering a one week career readiness bootcamp especially designed for girls who are not currently in our Ladies of Virtue programming”, Jamila Trimuel, LOV Founder.

In 2021, 97% of our participants ages 16 and over have secured summer internships. To register visit,



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